Cod or banded sunfish are the game's most common fish. There are 4 kinds.


The Red-Orange ones are medium in the levels of Boris, Layla and Edie. They eat minnows, herring, boxfish and cuttlefish and are preyed on by lionfish, humphead wrasse, pompano and leopard sharks. They're drawn out by the Intruder
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Red-Orange spotted fish

but reappear in levels 52 and 53. They last appear in Midnight Snacking.


The large cyan ones eat herring and humphead wrasse and are eaten by leopard sharks. They are drawn out by the Intruder in Danger Drops In. The medium cyan ones eat boxfish and bugs and are eaten by pompano, pelicans, leopard sharks and great white sharks. They last appear in Madhouse.
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Teal-Turquoise Spotted fish.

They appear 20 times in total, or in 1/3 of the levels.


The maroon ones eat minnows and are eaten by humphead wrasse and leopard sharks. They last appear in Loony Lures.