Pufferfish are one of the smallest fish in game. They appear from Harry's level 'Pesky Puffers'. They are yellow and white.They appear 7 times in the game or 11 2/3%, the same frequency as tuna.

When they see you, they will inflate and you will bounce once touching them, losing 7 points. They are not eatable while inflated.

They can also be a bit dangerous: if there is a bigger fish behind you and you bounce, you may bounce in it and be eaten. They are eaten by pompano,tuna,leopard sharks, orcas,marlins, pelicans and humphead wrasse. They're drawn out by the Intruder in Hazards Abound and Reefo Relaxo before being evicted for the last time in Tricky Treats.
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Unlike most small fish, Pufferfish never come in schools.

Bouncy Bonus:Edit

In 'Bouncy Bonus' you will see lots of pufferfish. You must eat them all before time runs out.
Pufferfish bonus

Pufferfish as seen in level 'Bouncy Bonus'.

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