Pompanos are seen in some characters levels, except for Peter, which is a pompano too. Grey pompanos are big in Eddie levels.

ScreenHunter 134 Jan. 01 21.20

A grey pompano.

ScreenHunter 143 Jan. 01 21.26

A pink pompano.

Pink ones are medium in Harry's levels, big in Borris's levels and small in Goliath levels.

The grey ones eat boxfish, minnows, cod and cuttlefish and are preyed on by leopard sharks. The medium ones eat herring, pufferfish, boxfish and cuttlefish and are preyed on by tuna and leopard sharks. The small ones are preyed on by leopard sharks and orcas. The large pink ones eat bugs,boxfish and cod and are preyed on by leopard sharks, great white sharks and pelicans. They last appear in Madhouse and all are forced to leave by the Intruder, but the first ones manage to come back. They appears 25 times or 5/12th of total levels.

For Character pompano, see Peter.


Strangelly, pink pomapnoes are bigger than Harry. Though, when first to play as Harry it will say he's bigger than Peter, which is a pompano.

In Goliath levels, pink pompanos are one of the smallest fish he can eat. Others are also tuna, but in Harry levels tuna is big and pink pompanoes are medium. In Goliath levels, they are the same size.

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