The intruder is a fish in FF2 which must be defeated by 5 characters. Edie, the angler fish, won't fight him and Goliath, the great white shark, is the first to fight  him.Only Borris, the butterfly fish, will eat him. After that, you can press on the Switch User button to play with him, starting the levels again. You can play as him forever in Feeding Frenzy 2—-Alien Glory It will also appear when you finish playing with one of the characters once. Only its silhouette will appear, the character will make a '?' on its head and swim away after it. Characters that make the '?'  are: Boris, Layla, Edie, Peter and Harry,

He appears 10 times in total, or 1/6th of the game, first in Showdown in the Shallows and last in Monsterrific.

How to kill him:Edit

When you see him first, you must bite the red circle, much like to the barracuda. After being bitten, he will try to eat you and like the barracuda, he will let you after some time.

ALWAYS, when you must fight him, there will be mines. Just lead him to a mine. He will be stunned and 5 Shrinkshrooms Bubbles will appear. Each eaten Bubble will decrease Intrude
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What the intruder fish looks like. The red circle is where you must bite him.

r's health. When you fill the bar in yellow, it will get small and the character will swim after him, with the exception of Edie, which doesn't fight him and Boris, which will eat him.

When playing as Peter, you can just have the chance to eat Shrinkshrooms when a pelican is nearby, making it small and eatable.


It's one of the creatures that don't appear in the Menu screen. The others are: oysters, jellyfish, golden minnows, poison minnows, pelicans and Goliath (seen in the level Mad House).   

When a Shrinkshroom is eaten, it will turn red, which could indicate some sort of upsetness or abuse.

When you first defeat him, he will be truly huge, then smaller and smaller.

He will not inhale in The Spoiler and not for the first half of Pull the Trigger, the only female character boss battle. He utilizes all zones but the Buccaneer Bay and could have possibly summoned the leopard sharks. The Sharktooth Ridge is the only zone in which he is fought twice. He looks like a cross between Edie and Orville the Orca from the first Feeding Frenzy and compared to the Shark King, is higher on the food chain than him. His antenna may also indicate that he has lost night vision before invading, but making it practically useless.


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