Fish will eat other smaller fish and be eaten by the bigger ones, sometimes swimming away from them, including the player. Small fish come in schools and don't eat anything. It does not matter what kind of fish is it to be faster or slower. But, small fish in schools come fast, the barracuda and the intruder come too.

All the fish:Edit


Orange spotted fish.                                                      

Green lionfish.

Orange and Red boxfish.

Purple lionfish.

Green humphead wrasse.

Leopard shark.                                                                                                   


Pink humphead wrasse.

Light blue spotted fish.

Golden Herring.


Grey pompano.


Green john dory.

Poison minnow.

Red spotted fish.

Purple john dory.



Pink pompano.


Killer whales.

The intruder.

Great white shark.

For character fish see Characters.

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